The Industry Project

Action, Fantasy, Sci-Fi Movie

"THE INDUSTRY" tells the story of an ambitious and talented nobody who grew up in the poverty stricken southern italy. On his journey to the top of "the pyramid", he realizes who he's dealing with, uncovering secrets that make him regret entering this world but at the same time gaining power and wealth beyond his wildest dreams.

Chris is born in a poor neighbourhood of Southern Italy. He lives with his uncle since his parents got killed by organised crime.

He has always been a dreamer. One day a well-mannered stranger shows up. This remarkable man proposes Chris to go with him to L.A. He would teach him everything he knows, making his ambitions come true. His name is Abraham. Chris makes the decision to leave everything he loves behind him - his uncle and his love - to take his fate in his own hands. The journey with Abraham begins.


This decisions leads to an incredible transformation. It takes him into the heart of the biggest cities to the best coaches, teachers and leaders, fame and power.

His dreams seam to have all come true. Something isn’t quite right though. On his way up to power and wealth he realises that not all that glitters is gold. He experiences firsthand the obligations that come along with his decisions. He looses sight of who he can trust, gradually getting lost into a secret world which is unknown to most people. A scary entity which unconsciously gives him suggestions and leads his actions, takes over. The distinction between dreams and reality becomes blurred and an beastly side manifests in him. New problems arise almost every day spiralling out of control. He reaches a point where he fears what he has become, realising that he can't turn back anymore. He decides to play along to investigate.


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